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WasteFuel produces renewable fuels using proven technologies to address the climate emergency and revolutionize mobility.

A meaningful part of mobility by air, land, and sea can be powered by our waste.


WasteFuel utilizes proven, scalable technologies to convert municipal (trash) and agricultural waste into low-carbon fuels, renewable natural gas, and green methanol. We have developed innovative technology pathways to meaningfully improve yields and further reduce emissions.

Our strategic technology partnerships with leading global companies ensure the environmental, operational, and commercial aspects of each biorefinery project are met safely, efficiently, and economically.




WasteFuel Air

The aviation industry is producing approximately 2.5% of global man-made carbon emissions per year and annual plane passenger numbers are expected to grow from 4.4 billion to 7.5 billion by 2035.


Our first project in development is in the Philippines in partnership with leading infrastructure developer Prime Infrastructure and NetJets and will convert municipal waste into aviation-grade low-carbon fuels that burn at an 80% reduction in carbon to fossil fuel-based aviation fuels.


WasteFuel Land

Land transportation accounts for more than two-thirds of the transportation industry's carbon emissions.


WasteFuel will develop waste-generated low carbon fuels starting with renewable natural gas.


WasteFuel Sea

International shipping accounted for around 2.9% of global energy-related carbon emissions and carbon emissions from shipping have grown in the last decade due to the increasing volume of cargo. Larger container ships account for approximately 20% of all marine fuel demand.


In partnership with Maersk, WasteFuel is developing waste-generated, green methanol.


WasteFuel Certified™️ is a science-driven certification process that evaluates the sustainability of fuels and the technologies that generate them. WasteFuel Certified will allow consumers to simply and clearly understand whether the fuels that power their mobility are truly sustainable. 

Details about WasteFuel Certified will be announced in 2021. To stay up to date or submit a technology for certification. Complete the form here.

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WASTEFUEL Certified™